Comic-Con 2016: the good, the bad and the unbearable - Joseph Cettina

Comic-Con 2016: the good, the bad and the unbearable

Comic-Con is merely the first taste of everything you wont be able to shut up about for the next year or two, from Wonder Woman to Rihanna in Bates Motel

Comic-Con 2016 is over, but in my intellect, its still going on. Its been a full day since I left San Diego and the moist horde of sweaty pop culture enthusiasts, but Im still unpacking all of the merchandise I bought( and the merchandise to come forward with me by studios eager to hawk their latest big-budget gambles ), rinsing the party stench out of my clothes, and breathlessly meditating casting announcements, flashy trailers and plot uncovers. When you expend a significant proportion of your everyday life following the progress of an in-production motion picture or Tv indicate or comic book series, youre basically living Comic-Con year-round. For the truly dedicated fan in 2016, Comic-Con never ends.

Granted, there may not be muscle-bound humen practically naked cosplaying as the Silver Surfer or spontaneous showings of brazen corporate synergy disguised by an open bar, but the real world is close enough to Comic-Con that I have a hard time getting my bearings when I come home. Right now, Im trying to plan when to finally insure Ghostbusters, where to hide my disturbing Mr Robot fsociety mask, and sort out why I require like, truly need a Star Trek Beyond seat cushion. The advertisings, the single-minded focus on genre amusement, the accursed Pokmon Go players blocking you from crossing the street theyre all here. Youre stuck with it, for better or worse. Comic-Con, then, is merely the first taste of all the things you and your friends wont are allowed to shut the hell up about for the next year or two. Some of those things are good. Some of those things are, unfortunately, quite bad. Heres a sampling of what I witnessed in San Diego, organized for ease of digestion.

Good: all Marvel everything

Lupita Nyongo, Michael B Jordan and Danai Gurira attend the Black Panther panel. Photograph: Chris Pizzello/ Invision/ AP

Do I even need to say anything here? Black Panther didnt even reveal any footage and the crowd was losing their intellects. Doctor Strange looks like a real head-trip, plus Benedict Cumberbatch is clearly doing Tony Stark-lite with its implementation of his cheeky one-liners. Not what I expected, but Ill take it. This panel had everything: smoking machines, laser-light shows, bad improv, good improv, Michael B Jordan and more Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 footage than anyone could have hoped for. Kevin Feige and the rest of the Marvel Studios team deserve a Presidential Medal of Freedom for constantly building up your expectations and still surpassing them.

Quite bad: Guy Ritchies King Arthur

Charlie Hunnam walks on stage at the King Arthur: Legend of the Sword panel. Photo: Chris Pizzello/ Invision/ AP

Does every Guy Ritchie film have to turn its protagonist into a scrappy street brawler? Oi guvnor, I find what you are doin turnin these poshes British characters into cockney roustabouts, but it hasnt been clever since about 2009. We had a not your fathers King Arthur 12 years ago and it definitely, altogether sucked. This version of King Arthur, played by Charlie Hunnam, clearly voted for Brexit and licks the inside of crisp suitcases to sober up.

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