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Image Styling on Semiomantics XO

Image Borders, Padding, Captions  on XO Theme Thumbnails on WordPress There are two kinds of thumbnails produced on your XO site: the native WordPress thumbnails and the thumbnails generated by XO for the purpose of display throughout the theme where the WordPress thumbnails don’t fit. WordPress Thumbnails Thumbnail sizes are set in your dashboard under Settings > Media.  When we change the thumbs’ sizes, the change will apply only to new content. These thumbnails are used by default in the XO Basic Home Page Layout. In order to modify thumbnails created previously to a change in WordPress settings, we use the “Regenerate Thumbnails” plugin; install from your dashboard and then just run it: this will create thumbnails corresponding to the new WP Media settings for all images in the library and galleries. The Regenerate Thumbnails plugin will have no impact on syndicated posts unless you also pull in the images to your library when syndicating. XO Theme Thumbnails When we upload an image from our dashboard in XO, XO creates 12 thumbnails adapted to the needs of the site and stores them in the default uploads folder for faster loading. If we change the layout settings in XO advanced home …
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