... but after weeks, even months of information overload and being overwhelm you realized that blogging could be fun and profitable if you:
Had all aspects of blogging terminology in one place.

 Not just defined, but with examples and images.
Had important blogging "How-To" Tutorials at your disposal with picture instructions.
Had all of the best blogging tools, services, and resources listed and explained.





Carly Campbell-
Mommy On Purpose
Stephanie Donahue- Blogcabulary Plus: The Ultimate Blogging Terminology, Reference, and Resource Book

I really enjoyed reading Blogcabulary Plus! It's the perfect resource for new bloggers and even intermediate bloggers like myself.

Nataly has a talent for bringing blogging terminology together so that it's easy to understand. Also, I'm not technical and appreciate the blogging tutorials. I love how the book can be read from start to finish or used as a reference book.

Thank you, Nataly, for creating a blogging resource that helps bloggers cut out the confusion and get a jump start on their blogging journey!

Derby Lane Dreams
Elena Orozco- Blogcabulary Plus: Thr Ultimate Blogging Terminology, Reference, and Resource Book

Finally! The most ideal resource that elaborates the technology of blogging in just plain English! Professional, yet down to earth, it felt like Nataly was explaining it right there next to me! She called it Ultimate for a reason.

The information in her book is clear, comprehensive and concise without being overwhelming! Nataly has packed this resource with amazing and valuable content that go hand in hand with the concepts she unfolds in each blogging term.

Blogcabulary is, hands down, my ultimate recommendation for any new/intermediate blogger who can appreciate their blogging journey being this much simpler! I certainly do not regret having acquired this book!

Elena Orozco-
Latina Wife and Mom Life

Jennifer Shugart- Blodcabulary Plus: The Ultimate Blogging Terminology, Reference, and Resource Book

WOW...... I think Nataly's book is the most complete and thorough reference/resource book that I have ever actually enjoyed reading!

Her book is so thorough, very easy to read and understand, and totally relevant. And, it's beautifully written and well-organized. I wish I had this book when I was first getting started with my blog!

Jennifer Shugart-

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