Joe Cettina
Always Working on many projects at the same time

I've been in Business since 2002. I specialize In Epson Large Format Pro Graphics Inkjet Printer Repair.
Hello world. I'm a Factory Trained printer repair tech. I own and operate a Authorized repair shop
Laguna Service Inc. People say I can fix anything.
"I've been working online for a number of years. Im a Digital marketer, Niche Blog Creator. On this Blog Ill be listing the  Niche Blogs and Customer Blogs that I Created.
When I'm not working my favorite pastime is Making and Drinking Beer. I brew about 25 gallons at a time which could be a IPA or Barley Wine or a Strong Ale. I built a Fermenting room to brew Larger and pilsners Style Beers. The Brewing Process takes 8 hours to make and about a couple of weeks or more to ferment and another 2-3 weeks to age and its ready to enjoy. There Is Nothing Like a Home Brew Beer Just The Way You Like It!!

 I built a Wood Fired Oven to make breads pizza and all kinds of delicious Meals

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Ill be posting interesting things below

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About Me.

Hello World My name is Joseph Cettina. I live in New Jersey U.S.A With my Wife Jill. I Own and Operate Laguna Service, .Which is a Factory Authorized Service Center for Okidata. I repair Printers, Scanners, Projectors, Fax Machines. I specialize in Large Format Inkjet printer repair for the Graphic, Photography, Garment, Textile, and advertising companies. I also have been building, Niche Blogs, Domains, Hosting, Web Design for small company's and personal use.I have created many Niche Blogs on all subjects . I'm also a Home Brewer. I have a small brewery attached to my house where I can brew 25 gal of beer at a time. I like to make Big Beers, Imperials, and IPA styles. It"s a great hobby and the finished product is the best! I'm also into cooking and gardening.

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Beer Glasses

" You need the perfect glass for different styles of beer"

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" Boiling the wort

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